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Intergalactic Music

Branding & Package Design

Intergalactic Music is a brand I have created for my dream client. Angelica is a down to earth dj that wants to share her music all around the universe and spread nothing but good vibes and radiate space babe energy. She is able to do this by creating intergalactic music and having a brand that represents her and what she loves to do. Intergalactic electronic music should bring you nothing but good vibes and space babe energy. For this brand I used my typography skills to create a graphic that would be in the shape of Saturn using type and vectors. I also used pastel colors and space textures to give a soft and intergalactic feel.

Intergalactic Music Logo-01.jpg
Intergalactic Mood Board.jpg
IM Breakdown-01.jpg
Intergalactic Mockup copy.jpg
Intergalactic Music Pattern-02.jpg

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