Comet Music

Comet Music is Dani Thorne, a colorful, bright, whimsical, and amazing DJ based in Florida. She brings space babe vibes and creates music from the soul with passion! I have been following and inspired by Dani and her style for years! I decided to create an example of my version of what her brand would look like by creating a mood board for inspiration, then using that to create a logo and pattern for her. I was inspired by her and her original brand and I do not own the rights to her brand but I thought it would be great to share my art with her since I enjoy her vibe so much! She has seen my version of her brand and loves it but continues to use her current brand which I think is just as amazing. 

Logo Design

Comet Music Logo-01.jpg
Comet Mood Board.jpg
Comet Music Pattern-03.jpg